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We Put The Care Back in Primary Care!


At Corrales Family Practice, Dr. Thal brings 38 years of experience, offering personalized care with a passion for medicine as an art form. We're a family-owned business treating patients like family, committed to exceptional care and support. Partnering with advanced labs, we provide cutting-edge testing to prioritize patient well-being, all within the MDVIP network for seamless care, wherever you go.

Dr. Thal, a devoted mother of six and grandmother of sixteen, brings a wealth of experience and empathy to her practice. With an MBA and extensive background in managing corporate family practice divisions, she has dedicated her career to the well-being of others. Beyond her professional commitments, Dr. Thal finds fulfillment in activities such as pickleball, dog walks, and outdoor adventures. She also cherishes moments teaching her grandchildren and tending to her family ranch, a cherished part of her heritage.

Known for her unwavering dedication, Dr. Thal ensures every patient receives the attention they deserve, embodying the values instilled by her father, Dr. Alan Thal, a celebrated artist and surgeon whose legacy lives on through the beautiful artwork adorning "Thal Hall." Since bringing her vision to Corrales in 1999, Dr. Thal's journey has been one of service and success, culminating in her partnership with MDVIP in 2012, a move she deeply appreciates.



Introducing the dedicated team behind our operations. We are passionately committed to our daily responsibilities. Our distinctive approach guarantees top-tier personnel who cater to our patients' needs, from the moment they enter our welcoming reception area to their consultation with Dr. Thal. Our staff comprises a diverse array of individuals with extensive expertise, ensuring our patients receive exceptional care and comfort at every interaction.



Office Manager

Katy is a devoted mother to two boys, Kai (4) and Zayne (1.5), and wife to Justin, a board-certified behavioral analyst specializing in Autism. With a business degree from the University of New Mexico, she blends her passion for technology with a desire to help others. Katy enjoys traveling, ranch life, and DIY projects. Her early start in healthcare at 13 led to managing a clinic while in college. Inspired by her mother's compassion, Katy strives to make a positive impact in healthcare and beyond.




Dawn, a native of the Southwest, born in Arizona and raised amidst the captivating landscapes of New Mexico. Returning to her cherished New Mexico in 2003, she finds solace in the warmth of family and friends, and channels her creativity and nostalgia into repurposing furniture. Inspired by live concerts, culinary exploration, and the adventures of her favorite books, Dawn embodies the essence of the Southwest—warm, creative, and profoundly appreciative of life's beauty.



Lead MA

Marissa, driven by her passion, secured a full scholarship for her outstanding achievements at the Pima Medical Assistant program after high school. During her training, she found her love for Family Medicine at Corrales Family Practice. Now our lead MA, Marissa brings expertise and compassion to our practice. Outside of work, she treasures family time with her fiancée and their baby boy, embodying a commitment to both professional excellence and personal fulfillment.


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